Acquaroli Ricevimenti per matrimoni

Acquaroli's family is a family of ristorateurs in Bergamo since four generetions: from great grandfather Ignazio, who ran, with great grandmother Pina, a tavern with kitchen and bowling play in Colognola (Bergamo), 

:restorateurs since four generetions

till Andrea, kitchens responsable, and Maria, who cooperate in event's organization.
The managing of historical locations begins with Fabio in 1985 in Marne castle. He was one of the first to guess the new trend in organizing events in theese historical residences, and with already a 20 years experience as ristorateur, started this activity.
At Marne castle followed Bisutti villa (now known as Acquaroli villa), and Monasterolo castle, managed by Irma, Fabio's wife.

Il bisnonno Ignazio Acquaroli